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September 10 2011


Promethean Demise

All the monolith stones, in rows like cotton, erected by sin and guilt
A shadow of a tyrant danced
Repined by existence of visceral times
Experience the river of blood
Not to fulfil peace, but War
Age of gods, Dawn of serpent tainted gold
Hellbent and cold, adopted and subservient
The rite of stars, moons and the cross of hatred
This world is yours to rule
With the proclaimed destruction of a promethean heart

August 22 2011


The LIght

An oncoming light, so beautiful 
A singularity of abject perfection 
A route to where no evil dwells
So cold

Liar and a just Reward

A desensitised liar
Worming your way through an acrid blackened, empty life,
Their joy Bourne out of suffering,
Their minds glazed with petulant arrogance,
Their avarice nature knowing no bounds,
Their Hearts beat, but pump colder blood,
They imagine to gain, but recede and perish in the emptiness they truly seek,
And deserve.

Odinistic Trials (Pt. II)

A symbolic Odinistic trial
A symbol of the universal sound
A few shreds of thought on an ellipsis of the cycle of final cycles  
All that remains is the cold chill of oblivious, empty, nothingness
The cruciform crescent mooned evil.

Void of Being and Reality

A dissonant, disassociation of life
Of to be alive, is this really life?
Where no stimulus exists
Existential void of being
Is this a point to a new beginning?
Or just the ongoing futility 
And looking to the beautiful lucidity of the finality 

Odinistc Trials

Son of the element 
Master of wisdom
A forsaken lonely voice from deep shadow propagated realms
The impure blood of fools arisen
A father of the Ancient ice strewn age
Forgotten with despair ridden beings of calmer times
Life being a true antithesis of flesh and existence
All that really is are the echoes of immaterial voices of the past

Humanities Folly?

The moon is burning, your city sleeps
You try to improvise your false life, to what end?
The Curse settles upon humanity 
Fire from down deep
A world and evil turned to flesh
What is this litany of life?
It is the sign carved deep in your flesh
Your life structured by falsehood
Being Dead with me
You rape humanity with pride
And slaughter true human knowledge and dreams.

Abstract Metamorphosis

The flesh, and the power it holds
From above and around
A commandment is reborn
A view from above high
The blessed diseased cells of our own maligned beings
Soon an Abstract metamorphosis of life to sing amongst the choir of the dead

August 15 2011

O Treacherous Street That Diminishes Wherever Lake Soon Sleeps! 
To Quench A Minute 
Who Is The Storm? 
From The Braveries He's Seen 
And All Too Soon The Origins Burn To Sleep 


A Naked Symmetry Of Ourselves, 
Two Ethereal Souls Apart, Yet Intertwined
Hallowing Celebratory Of Their Passions from Afar
The Oneness Of The Beauty Of Spiritual Harmonies Of Their Eternity.

Mending and Hope

Time Is A Summer Breeze To Watch 
It Brings Rivers Of Wellbeing
And You Decided To Thaw 
Lakes In The Spirit And Bring Peace to The Loved.
I Openned A Cup 
Our Anger Comes In Strange Rusts 
Feel Your All Arrive With The Wall 
At The Fearful Sunshine, At The Dark Storyteller 
Poems Resolve Like Gloomy Letters 


Beautiful Twilight

Never Walking 
And Easily Do The Loved Turn Softly 
There's No Way We're Born To Drown In Despair
Gods, Hanging Like White Head Stones, Reminiscent Of Georgia Cotton 
Where Is Thy Beautiful Twilight Of My Precious Laying Beside? 
Lord, Then Into The Minute Came The Sweetness of My True Loves Desire. 

The Hope Fire

Often Climbing The Beating Heart
The Fire Gladly Loves The Woman 
They Will End, Peace and Desire Into Your Answer 
O, The Diamonds of the Weak shall Diminish Like A Clear Window

Demise to Decrepitude of Being

Deceits That Sleep Scream No Brilliance 
Nay, Never Shall I Reign 
With The Last Of This Storm's Thief 
Here Walks Your Storyteller Again 
Yea, Window, Where Is Thy Revenge?
Revenge Is But Thy Own Demise.

Thy Symmetrical Blackness of Thought

Swallowing His Thought 
Then Turn Peace To Promise, 
Pride To Wedding, 
Blackness To Chill, 
Fool, Where Is Thy Blackness? 
Where Is Thy Symmetry?

Quenched Breezes

Breezes Quenching Me All Full Of Compassions 
On Your Answer 
With A Beast That Talked From The Wisdom 
Flesh And Knights From Sunshine To Water 
You Can See Up Your Storytellers To See 
Knights Again 
Lord, Seducing Its Smile

Beasts in Shade

I Will Change You This Trust You Ended Clearly 
O, Why Does My Sun Stop So Thoughtfully? 
Where Is The Door? 
Then Into The Shadow Came The Beast 
One More Love

Storm of the Chosen

To The Diminish That It Once Held 
Alas, The Sun Shines Out Of Honesty! 
There's No Way We're Born To Stagnate 
Alas, Knowledge Is A Close Storm To The Chosen
I Will Be Here For You 
The Filtered Poison Runs With A Rainy Trial


You Will Change Someone Else Instead Of Me, Or Maybe Not? 
O' Close Coffin Whose True Sunshines Are Depressed Tears! 
Then Into The Flower Came The Body Of Myself 
Caught To The Letter And Speedily Into The Breeze Of The Past Eras
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